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The School Teachers’ Pay Award 2015 has now been finalised.   The full document is available from the link below.  Please use this document to access the latest Pay Award tables.

2015 LGA school teacher pay circular FINAL pdf

In addition there are 3 updated TLRs and 1 SEN:

TLR1  £7546 –  £12770

TLR2  £2613 –  £6386

TLR3  £517   – £2577

SEN £2064 – £4075

It contains updates for the following service terms:

  • Leadership Range
  • Head Teacher Group Pay Ranges
  • Main Pay Range
  • Upper Pay Range
  • Unqualified Pay Range
  • Leading Practitioner Range

This is basically 1% uplift to the minimum and maximum figures on each range with a couple of exceptions:

  • 2% uplift to the maximum figure on the Main Pay Range (Point 6)
  • No uplift to the maximum of the Leadership Pay Range (Point 43)
  • No uplift to the maximum of each of the Head Teacher Group Pay Ranges.

The majority of these increases will simply require a new Award Date to be entered and the new amounts entered against the points.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this document Adding an new Award.

However, in order to implement the Head Teacher Group changes, we will need to create a new Service Term.  At present the Head Teacher is paid from the Leadership service term.  This term uses a Single Spine Point system and uses Points 1-43.  The Head Teacher groups (Scales) then reference these points as follows:

  • Group 1 : Points 06-18
  • Group 2 : Points 08-21
  • Group 3 : Points 11-24
  • Group 4 : Points 14-27
  • Group 5 : Points 18-31
  • Group 6 : Points 21-35
  • Group 7 : Points 24-39
  • Group 8 : Points 28-43

The agreed changes mean that the top of the scale on Group 1  (Point 18) stays the same at 58096 but in Group 2, it is a mid-range point (range ends at Point 21) and therefore should be increased by 1% to 58677.  It is not possible at this time to have 2 amounts against 1 point within SIMS.

Therefore I have put together the document below to take you through the steps necessary to set up the new Head Teacher service term and add in your groups, awards and relevant amounts.  You will only need to add in the required Head Teacher Group for your school but please make sure you use the correct name i.e. Head Teacher Group 5 so that if you need additional groups in the future, these can be added.

Creating the Head Teacher Service Term

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