Extended Collection of Learning Aims

The EFA need all learning aims to be included regardless of the duration, including the learning aims that did not reach the qualifying period (6 weeks or more).  We understand that the qualifying period still has significance for funding.

Capita have modified their coding to ensure that they no longer take account of the qualifying period when adding learning aims to the Learning Aims panel on School Census.  Learning Aims for a duration of less than six weeks will be included for both 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.

Given the amount of changes to learning aims that take place in the first six weeks of the year in most schools the following advice should be borne in mind by schools.

  1. Use Curriculum Assignment by Student when sixth form students change learning aims and ensure that the end date is the system date or a date in the past.  Ensure that the correct learning aim status and, where appropriate, from September 2015 onwards, ensure that the correct withdrawal reason is entered.Use the Leavers Routine when sixth form students leave the school and, from September 2015 onwards, ensure that the correct withdrawal reason is entered.
  2. If Exceptions are being used in Maintain Course make sure that the corresponding course membership is for a single day; we will ignore single day actual memberships for Exceptions

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