Syncing Power BI with hosted SIMS

If you are a hosted school and wish to use Power BI you will need to install a external connector on the same machine as the Power BI software. Please see more information on how to request an external connector here

When setting up the Excel Command Reporter utility, you must create a new SIMS user specific to the purpose, with the following permissions – Assessment Co-Ordinator, Personnel Officer, School Administrator, Senior Management Team, System Manager and Third Party Reporting.  Do not try to use your hosted credentials in the utility as they will not work.

When setting up the Excel Command Reporter utility, the name of the server and the name of the SIMS database will need to be entered; these details can be found in the connect.ini file, or, failing that, can be provided by the Scomis service desk.

The location of Command Reporter.exe and where to save the outputs of the reports will depend on the set up of the third party connector machine and the shared drives available.





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