Unable to format dates in Excel reports

To format the date in the report as required after export to excel, please follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Select the column with the dates in the Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Select Data tab on the menu bar and click the button that says ‘Text to Columns’. A wizard will now appear.
  3. Select ‘Delimited’ in Step 1 click ‘Next’, click ‘Next’ in Step 2. In Step 3, select the ‘Date:’  radio button. select ‘DMY’ from the drop down. click on Finish. The date will be formatted in the short date format.
  4. Select the column, right click and select Format cells. Under the Number tab you will be able to select Date, then you can choose the format you require.



Reviewed 31/01/2018 – Annabel Tuohy

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