Pupil has SEN but no SEN type is present

Getting error message in Census that pupil has SEN but no SEN type is present. On checking the student record in:- Student SEN details Tab 3 – Basic SEN Details Status is recorded as P or S and there is a need type recorded with a ranking. The need type must be one of the…

Whole School Percentage Attendance Report

To produce a report showing one percentage mark for whole school go to Reports | Attendance  | Group Reports | Group Session Summary Change Group type to ‘Whole School’ Click ‘search’ Change dates to the dates you wish to run the report from and to Click ‘print’ Reviewed 28/07/2020 – AT KB4844

Unable to run report – document management server not installed

If you are working on the main admin PC in school and get the above message please check the service is running Go to Start | Run | then type services.msc and enter. Scroll down list to find Sims.net Document Server Double click to open and check the service is ‘started’ If you are on…

Activate route to enable School Workforce Census

You need Personnel Officer and Return Manager permission rights in order to run the school workforce census. If you go to Routines | Statutory Returns and you still have no option for School Workforce Census you will need to apply the licence – please contact Scomis for the up to date licence   Reviewed 17/02/2015