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How do I record my leavers?

  • Navigate to Routines / Pupil / Leavers.
  • Search for the required pupil then double-click their name to display the Manage Pupil(s) Leaving Details page

If you wish to assign a group of pupils as leavers search on the appropriate Year or Reg Group by selecting from the appropriate filter.

Highlight the required pupils by either:

  • Clicking the Select drop-down menu and choose Select All


  • Use the Ctrl key to highlight each pupil individually or the shift key to highlight sequentially listed pupils (click the first name in the list, hold down the Shift key then click the last name on the list)


  • Once the required pupils have been highlighted, click the Select button to add them to the Pupils panel.
  • Enter the Date of Leaving
  • Select the Reason for leaving
  • Enter the destination and assign to the appropriate pupils.
  • Click Save
  • Read the message and click Yes if you want to proceed.


Reviewed: 14/02/18

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