SWGfL SPAM Email Filtering

The SWGfL Managed Service provide by Research Machine (RM) blocks SPAM.

In order to block SPAM that is sent to your school you can also notify RM of any you receive.   Forwarding the email with headers to spam@rm.com

*How to get headers from an e-mail

Easymail+ View the specific message in your Inbox
Select Show All Headers
Internet headers are shown at the top of the message
Use your mouse to highlight all of the text, right-click, and select Copy
Create a new message, right-click in the body of the text, and select Paste
You can now send us this information, along with the original body of the e-mail.
Microsoft Outlook 2007 Double click on the email message so that it is open in its own window. Outlook 2007 uses a watered-down version of Word 2007 as the email editor and with it comes the new ribbon user interface.  Thus, the “Options” feature is no longer under “View”, as with previous versions of Outlook, and takes some hunting to find it, but it is there. It is on the “Message” tab, in the “Options” block, which is the fourth block over. To the right of “Options”, there is a little button with an arrow in it. Click on it and you have the message options menu with the internet headers in the bottom section. Select this information and copy/paste it as needed.
If you don’t have the message yet open, which is better yet, and you wish to see the header, right click on the message in your inbox and choose “Message Options”. You will be looking at the headers at this point.
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Open the received spam email so that it is open in its own window like above. Under the Message tab look for the Move section. There click Actions – Other Actions – and click Message Header so that it is highlighted. If its already highlighted no action is required.

The message will then be assessed by the spam filtering team, if the email is found to be genuine spam it will be added to our spam filtering solution.

Last Reviewed 06/02/2015

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