Assigning a teacher to two classes in the same block at the same time

There are 2 alternatives:

1. Use Minimum Periods

In the Model screen, Increase the minimum periods of, for example, a 5 period block, to 6 periods.  Do this by right clicking on the block and choosing Minimum Periods.

In the block screen drag all but one of the classes on to fit in with the sessions 1 to 5. Schedule these 5 sessions.

Then take the other class which has the same teacher allocated and drag it onto session 6.

Go to bands screen and you can see the 5 sessions which have been scheduled.

The 6th session is not scheduled and contains the 2nd class with the same teacher.

On band screen click and drag this class onto the period where the other class has been scheduled. It will then come up with a displace unit window. Place a tick in the lock/clash and this will then lock the clash in place.

2. Place the teacher on the timetable afterwards

In classes, put the teacher on one class with the correct number of periods.
Put the same teacher on the second class with 0 periods. (Right click on the teacher code on the Classes screen to reduce the period number).
This means the block can be built and scheduled, but one class will be without a teacher on the timetable.  It may be necessary before building the block to check the Sessions screen, where the class with the teacher for 0 periods should appear with the teacher showing 0 in the Plan and Used columns under Attributes and should not appear in the Sessions area on the right (right click to remove the teacher from here if necessary).

After scheduling, you can go to Timetable | New | Department (or another convenient timetable display), right click the class and choose Add Staff – filter for all teachers and find the appropriate teacher, when this teacher is selected, you will be offered the option to ‘double up’.


To room the two classes, use a timetable display.  Right click the Room Code and choose Add Room.  To add the same room to the second class, use the Add Room function again, search using the radio button on ‘All’ and choose the option to Double Up when the room is selected.


Reviewed 27/7/20

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