Force SLG User Provision and Check Provisioned Users

S&N TEAM ONLY – Check with a colleague before doing this

If you need to provision a user quickly login to server

Under C:\Program Files\SIMS\ADProvision you will find Batch files for each school.

Running this Batch file will start the provision. Check before doing this if you are processing several users!

To check provisioned users login to server: (slg2 domain)

Open the ADP link on the desktop and click Requests and Provisioned Requests.

Select the school you are checking for (change the date if necessary to look back at previous requests). Click Apply.

Look for the user/s you are un/re/provisioning.

  • Provision or Reprovision will show the user action as Create
  • Unprovisoning will show a Delete action.
  • Rename action will show when a user has been updated

If a users name has changed but its not updated their user account.

Login to server: (slg2 domain)

find the user; the first letters are the school and the following is if they are a parent, staff or student. i.e. parent of Lipson CC it woudl be LCCP*******.

If there is another user with a similar name which you need to change it to i.e. from LCCPjsmith to LCCPjjones but jjones already exists :

  • Unprovision the user, wait for the provisioning to take place (user account will be disabled), delete the disabled user account. Provision the user with their new name updated in SIMS (e.g. jjones) and a new account will be created (called LCCPjjones2)

If there is not another user with a similar name:

  • Update the users name in SIMS, Update the username in AD, and reprovision the user.

Once done run a report in SIMS which creates a list of usernames and passwords, to make sure the change has worked. (report can be called “ADP list” or “SLG Password letter” or similar.


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