How to add an apportionment to a different fund

On occasion it is necessary to apportion salaries to a different fund, eg 30% of a Teaching Assistant post from Fund 10 to fund 91.  These are the steps required in FMS.

Step 1 – Tools>General Ledger Setup

Tab 2 – ensure a cost centre exists for both funds

Tab 5 – ensure the required ledger codes for Pay/NI/Superannuation (possibly also overtime) are all linked to both funds

Tab 6 – link the required ledger codes for BOTH funds to BOTH cost centres (this means 6 or 8 ledger codes will be linked to both cost centres)


Step 2 – Focus>Personnel Links>Salary Projections>Service Term Mappings

Find and open the Service term/Sub group combination that is on the Sims .net personnel contract – ADD a new second line for the new fund

Update, Save

Step 3 – Focus>Personnel Links>Salary Projections>Apportionment

Find the required contract, ADD dates to which the apportionment applies, ADD the new cost centre and fund

Save, Save

Reviewed 09/05/2019




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