Managing BTEC’s

Types of files:

7B is a results request file – Schools can request this from Pearson in order for EDI results to be made in the August Results period.  Schools should submit this by 31 May.

9B – Registration entry file.

6B – BTEC Basedata June 2023 6B – Entry deadline 23 March – amendment to exam time of unit 21429K

The 9B and 7B types of Basedata relate to two difference processes within the exams calendar:

  1. BTEC Registration (9B)
  2. Recording results (7B)

Both sets of Basedata will import but will need to be imported into the “correct” season.

Typically, the registration Basedata is imported into a season containing the month of September (usually this will be setup with SIMS as a standalone “September” season).  Results Basedata requires a season with July in the season pattern.  Some schools include July in their “Summer” season pattern, although there is no problem with a dedicated July season.

Identifying the correct destination season using the Basedata filename:

 E.G. S7B23_15.X01 breaks down as follows:

S = type of individual file (in this case the syllabus file)
7 = season must include this month (6 = June, 7 = July, etc A = Oct, B = Nov)
B = usually the level (BTEC here)
23 = calendar year, the season must be in this year (July 2023, Sept 2023, etc)
_ = English Basedata, W = Welsh
15 = Exam Board routing code (check the list of Boards in Sims Exams Organiser (Tools > Setup > Exam Boards) This is the ‘Board’ you will be right-clicking in the Basedata tree
.x01 = the version of the Basedata. It is not unusual for the boards to re-issue over time to plug gaps / add missing data, etc, so .x02, .x03, etc

Knowing these rules will make the importing of Basedata less trial and error.

The process of administering BTEC’s is a two-part affair;

  1. In September of the year that students start their course (eg, Sept 22) the registration Basedata will be used to enrol students on the course. This is an optional task for Sims and will not affect the import of results when due. Some Schools choose to enrol candidates directly on to the Edexcel Online Website.
  2. To import results into Sims, the result Basedata is needed (the July 2023 data).  The School will then create an entry submission (regardless of whether this was carried out in the registration season).  The board use this information to identify which students you want electronic results for and then send them through.

The link below from Edexcel/Pearsons explains how to obtain BTEC registration Basedata files, covers registration 9B and results entry 7B files.

EDI BTEC Basedata: Registration 9B And Results 7B File Requests (pearson.com)

Arbor: Manging 9b files and generating Person 7B results request files

Managing 9B files and generating Pearson 7B Results Request files – Arbor Help Centre (arbor-education.com)

Scomis FAQ – How to process BTEC results:

How to Process BTEC Results – Frequently Asked Questions (scomis.org)

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