Duplicate staff in Sims .net

This can happen if staff have been entered in Personnel and separately into Manage Classroom Staff resulting in two staff codes. Also (rarely) if they are in the student focus and that record hasn’t been used as the employee.

Usually the issue manifests itself when a teacher cannot see their classes when they logon to Sims .net or that the timetable is on the wrong personnel record.

As well as the Timetabler in school it is necessary to liaise with the person responsible for finance if the school uses FMS as any removal of contracts in Personnel will affect already reconciled items in FMS.


Personnel – All staff – what are the staff codes

Manage Classroom Staff – Any staff – what are staff codes

Timetable – Focus>Nova T6>load other file>local data set>choose latest timetable>new>teacher – check if they appear more than once – what are staff codes.

System Manager – Manage users – set filters to any – how many times do they appear, are they set as User and Employee, Agent and Teacher

FMS – any reconciled items

Hosted Applications – what is their login name


In secondary schools the staff code cannot be edited in the Personnel screen but if necessary must be done via Focus>Person>Manage Classroom Staff. This precaution is in place as it interfaces with Nova T6 timetabling and Cover information. It is key that the staff code in Manage Classroom Staff is the ‘master’ record that other parts of Sims refers to as this is the record that Nova uses.

One way of identifying records is to change one so that the whole name is in upper case. Alternatively rename any duplicate records by prefixing the name with ZZ so that it drops to the bottom of any lists, also put a date of leaving in so that it does not show up as current staff.

1 – edit the code in Manage Classroom Staff as required, in extreme cases this may mean adding a new record to select the correct employee information

2 – edit the Personnel record to match (this may mean closing a duplicate entry and resurrecting the original)

3 – send the timetable from T6 again

4 – if necessary for Hosted Applications login move the user name in System Manager SIMSNET\NAME.NAME## to the correct record

Reviewed 29/7/20


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