Authorise and Export Claim batch (Devon schools)

Devon schools are able to claim for Admin and other support staff overtime, for this reason there are safeguards in place both to protect the Admin staff from any danger of impropriety as well as the public funds schools are spending. The person who enters the claims in the Claim Preparation software cannot be the same person who authorises and exports it, there must be a separation of duties.

Here is a quote from the User Guide:-
‘Authorising and exporting a batch requires a user who is different to the user who created the batch. For this reason the authorisation and export of a batch may be carried out in either the same session in which the batch was created or in a subsequent session. The authorising officer will need to provide a user ID and password which must have been set up prior to the authorisation process. The authorising user must be a suitably responsible person with delegated authority as identified in the school’s authorisation listing which forms part of the school’s Finance Policy.’

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