Why are staff not showing in salary projections?

This can be caused by many issues, please check the following:-

In Sims .net>Focus>Person>Staff choose the staff member go to section 8 Employment Details then open the contract.  Note what service term, financial sub group,  scale date, scale name and scale point are being used.

If any of these are non standard go to Tools>Staff>Pay Related choose the service term as used in the contract.  Check there are amounts showing in the pay award for the scale and award date matching the contract (eg if the scale on the contract starts more than 12 months ago there needs to be money on the next point too).

In FMS>Focus>Personnel Links>Salary Projections – make sure it runs with the messages about updating, if it just opens the window with an error about MIS access see https://faq.scomis.org/kb3280/

Click on the icon in the top right ‘Service term mappings’ check that the same service term and financial sub group is mapped to a cost centre and has the appropriate ledger codes linked to it



Reviewed on 28/08/2015


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