Cannot submit plan from Options Online to SIMS because target NCYear already contains schemes

For the SIMS Options Online transfer to work into SIMS you must ensure that nothing other than bands has been exported from Nova T6 to SIMS for your new academic year prior to your Options Online export. You can freely transfer any information for other years that are not a part of the Options process. If you are receiving this error you can do one of three things:

  •  Export bands only from Nova T6. Ensure that the box is ticked as the screenshot below. Please be aware that this will remove all classes and memberships for ALL years that have been transferred prior to this point.


  • Create a copy of your timetable file and remove all blocks from your Options year group. This is similar to the method above, however you will be able to proceed without losing any work that you’ve done on your other year groups.


  • Manually enter the Option choices into SIMS after building the blocks in Nova T6.



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