Nova-T6. SGDclash, SGDtable, SGDstaff error

Variations of error in Nova T

sgdclash Tdraw celldata

sgdtable TdrawCellData

sgdstaff TdrawCellData

sgdDays TdrawCellData

sgdUnits TDrawCellData

sgdAttributes TDrawCellData

sgdPPATable TDrawCellData


In some instances, the error can be avoided by not having the Year/Band timetable open in the background, or on another monitor (dual monitors), when making changes to the curriculum and timetable.   i.e. if Timetable | New | Year/Band, or Timetable | Recent | Year/Band has been opened, then please close it before proceeding to edit any data.
Please also ensure that screens are closed and opened again to refresh – the error sometimes occurs when the program tries to re-draw an open screen where data has been changed on another screen while they are both open.
Please be aware that Nova-T6 creates automatic backups which user may wish to recover if an error causes Nova-T6 to crash or the user has to force a close without saving.


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