Type mismatch when scheduling a block

Message appears in the right hand side of the Bands screen when a session is dragged over a particular period on the grid.
This message also appears in the Clash information when trying to drag a row from the build onto the timetable
The message means that there is a Period Type on the block – check via the Model screen, right click the block and choose period type, this probably does not match a Period Type on the cycle.  There is also a period type column on the Auto screen.
Check the Cycle screen – period types show on the grid.
If the Period type on the cycle screen is red, ie. exclusive, then only blocks with the same period type can be scheduled there.
If there is no period type on the cycle, but there is a period type on the block, then the block cannot be scheduled at all as it expects a matching period type place on the timetable.
Reviewed 29/10/2015

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