Schoolcomms Missing from Focus Menu.

 Hosted Service School’s please contact Scomis Service Desk on 01392 385300 to request that Patch 17755 be applied to the School dataset.

The below information is for Non Hosted Services Schools.

Schoolcomms have been made aware by Capita of a fault in the SIMS Autumn release
which will affect schools accessing Schoolcomms from the SIMS Focus menu.

What is the fault?

Schoolcomms will be removed from the SIMS Focus menu and Student Details
screens on the 1st January 2013.

What is the solution?

Your School will need to have upgraded to the Autumn Upgrade (Sims Version 7.148)

Then Apply Patch Patch 17755

Click here for instruction on how to run patch

We advise that you run this patch ASAP to avoid any interruption to Schoolcomms

Reviewed on 24/10/2016

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