Hosted Applications – Can’t connect to the remote computer using the specified forward proxy configuration

When connecting to the Scomis Hosted Applications service, if you receive the following error:

“Can’t connect to the remote computer using the specified forward proxy configuration”

Check to see if you can access the internet and one of the following websites in Internet Explorer (not Chrome) :

Check that the proxy in Internet explorer is set correctly, i.e. 8080 if you are on the SWGFL. Make sure if you are using the service from home that the proxy is turned off.

If the proxy in internet explorer looks fine, check the proxy at machine level:

If you can access each or only some of the webpages above, check the webpage certificate to see if it is issued by QuoVadis. If it is issued by another provider i.e. SmoothWall, the filtering system or proxy may be intercepting this and you will need to ask your IT team to add an exception. If none of the web pages are accessible, try pinging them. If there is no response, it is likely the be an internet/filtering/proxy related issue specific to the workstation, especially if no other users in the school are experiencing the same issue. See the Hosted Applications internet requirements here.

You can also try:

In the Scomis Hosted connector click the Help > Reset to default settings option

In the Scomis Hosted connector click the Connections > Force failover connection option. This will only work if you are able to access one of the gateway addresses above, as this will move your connection to an alternative one than the default.

Although unlikley to be a user account related issue, try logging onto another workstation with the same user account and vice versa, by logging onto the affected workstation with a different user account.

Please note, if this is a Home/Personal PC, Scomis are unable to provide support.

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