SchoolComms on Hosted Applications

Recent updates to Schoolscomms and various other supplier websites means that those companies no longer develop their websites to function with the version of Internet Explorer that is available within the Hosted Applications environment.

Our technical team have evaluated the options available to the platform and are currently unable to provide a solution within the Hosted Platform.

What we’ve tried:

  • Upgrading Internet Explorer – we already have the latest version of Internet Explorer for Server 2008
  • A different browser – Alternate browsers are not supported on Server 2008 and would have unpredictable effects on the platform
  • Virtualise the latest version of Internet Explorer – This is not possible as this is not supported by Microsoft

Work around:

Customers can still access the Schoolcomms websites using their own computers internet browser and can use the links below

Longer term Scomis will be able to support Schoolcomms and other third party websites once we have completed our Server 2012/2016 project.

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