Sending In-Touch messages to applicants – ‘The following recipients do not have any selected communication method’

When sending messages to applicants through In-Touch, you may receive the error ‘The following recipients do not have any selected communication method’.

The reason this is not picking up any of the applicants contact details is because its trying to pick up the applicants contact details themselves.

Please change the category to ‘InTouch Contacts of Applicants – Statuses‘. They will then be able to send out the messages to the contacts this way.

By doing it directly through the applicants record using the ‘send message’ link on the right, SIMS thinks that the user would want to send the message to the applicant itself.

You can still send it this way, you would just need to change the category to InTouch Contacts of Applicants when sending it via the applicants record.

in touch intouch applicants applications contact communication method selected send sending


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