Re-Enabling Online Services

Due to the current CTF issues Capita have disabled all of their online services as a proactive precautionary step.

This will affect:

  • SIMS Parent & Parent Lite
  • SIMS Activities
  • SIMS Student
  • SIMS Options
  • SIMS Agora**

To re-enable the services you will need to log on to your Online Services Admin Portal. This can be accessed via

This will only need to be done if you have purchased one of the above products.

Once logged in you will need to go to the Onboarding tab where you will see an Enable Services notice.

After completing steps 1 – 4 on our CTF Import Issues bulletin and have read the information present on screen you will be able to click on the “Enable SIMS Online Services Now” button.

**SIMS Agora takes a similar approach. You will need to log onto your Agora admin portal where you will find similar instructions.

Until these steps have been taken a Service Unavailable screen will be present for Teachers, Parents & Students when accessing any of the mentioned applications.

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