How do I amend an imported exam result?

There are 2 ways to edit this.

1) Through Exams Organiser route – Tools | External Results – Manual Entry. Select the pupils and edit the result.

* Click on the pencil icon to edit the result that has been imported.

* (This route should NOT be used for adding in a NEW RESULT)


2) You can amend a result by creating a marksheet for the element and group containing the pupil. Edit the result that has been imported.

* Creating a marksheet is the ONLY way to add a NEW RESULT that was not imported through a result file.

  •  If the Results Date needs to be changed you will need to go into –
    • “Focus – Assessment – Marksheet Entry” and look up the name of the sheet which holds the results.
    • Make sure the search Results Date is correct then right click on the result click “View/Edit Result history…” and set the Result Date on the left.
    • Click Close to save the new result date.

Reviewed on 24/05/2019

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