School Census – Patches to delete data – Proficiency in English, Pupil Nationality and Country of Birth

Given the recent position of the DfE no longer collecting Proficient in English (, Pupil Country of Birth ( and Pupil Nationality (, Capita SIMS have released the following three patches in SOLUS3 to delete this data:

Patch 24423 – Deletes all records for Proficiency in English information for all past, present and future students. Where a student has multiple proficiency entries, the patch will remove all instances of this.

Patch 24433 – Deletes the National Identity for all past, present and future students.

Patch 24372 – Deletes the Country of Birth and where present the Nationality (actually called Nation inside the expanded Nationality and Passport Details record, only where passport details are blank) for all past, present and future students.

Full details available here:

If you are a Scomis Hosted school, please email authorising us to apply the patch.

If you are not hosted by Scomis, please call or email the Service Desk and we will make the patch available on Solus for you to download.




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