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KS4 Analysis Resources

The published figure for a school’s Progress 8 includes a possible adjustment for students ‘with extremely negative progress scores’ .  This is a slightly different calculation to that used currently by OFSTED to exclude ‘outliers’ and is impossible to predict before the results are known.  It is the OFSTED calculation which is currently used in the main Inspection Dashboard report in the KS4 resources.  Capita are not currently expecting to change this but will do so if there is a demand.  Either version is likely only to affect 1 or 2 students in a cohort and will make only a very small difference to the headline figure.  As always, Capita advise that schools concentrate on looking at the relative performance of each key group rather than being overly concerned by fractional difference in the headline figure, particularly with predictions

Updates to KS4 Overview Templates

Following the release of the first 2018 estimates for Attainment 8, Capita have updated the CAS KS4 overview templates (now v1.69) to include these new figures and have new versions of the scatter graphs (now v2.3).  A new version of the zip file is now available which can be found below (please note, this file contains many resources and make take a while to open).


Please read all of the following notes carefully before importing these new versions.

Capita have also added some new aspects, namely Act:BTEC L1/L2 Tech Award in Perf Arts, Act:BTEC L1L2fA in Animal Care and Act:NCFE L2C in En’ng Studs (Engineering Studies) in the new templates for 2019 and 2020. If your school teaches these subjects and you wish to map aspects to these new aspects, in addition to importing the new templates, you will also need to apply patch 24303 or the Autumn update when available.

At present Capita only have new estimate figures for Attainment 8, plus the English, Maths, Ebacc and Open slots but not for each of the subject pillars of Science, Humanities and Languages, which remain on the latest published figures from the 2017 results.

There are no CAS KS2 calculators nor KS4 overview templates for students taking exams in 2021 as it is not possible to produce these unless and until the DfE explains how the calculations will be done using scaled scores. Schools may wish to attempt to convert average scaled scores into KS2 levels to be able to continue to produce figures for this cohort using the 2020 versions.

It has been found that two grade sets in the mapping tool aspects have been incorrect, namely the Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 first certi and the Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 first exten. These have been given as single grades whereas in fact they should be double grades, even though they only count as a single grade in terms of headline calculations. Having been corrected, if your school has mapped aspects to Capita aspects which use either of these grade sets, the templates will fail on import, with an error message on the activity log such as this:

The following Aspect(s) could not be imported and modified:
Aspect: Act:BTEC L1/L2fC Art&D
Reason (1): The Associated Grade Set [Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 first certi] failed during import.
Aspect: Act:BTEC L1/L2fC Bsn
Reason (1): The Associated Grade Set [Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 first certi] failed during import.
Aspect: Act:BTEC L1/L2fC Constr &BEnv

Before trying to import them again, please make a note of the aspects which have caused the failed import (copy and paste to Notepad), and do the following:

(a) Go to System Utilities (Tools>Performance>Assessment>System Utilities>Results>Delete a selection of results
(b) Using the wizard, ignore the screen asking which students are to have results deleted by just clicking next
(c) On the aspects screen, browse and find any aspects listed in the error message above, and where they have any results, select them.
(d) On the result sets screen choose the second radio button to delete results from a selection of result sets, but then do not choose any so all will be deleted
(e) On the two date range screens, delete the dates to leave them all blank, then click next through all of the other screens and click finish to delete the results
(f) Import the templates again and check the end of the activity log to make sure they have imported successfully

Note that no results from school aspects nor historical calculated results are being deleted so there is no problem in doing the above. If any of the results deleted are for currently used aspects and students, the aspects will need to be remapped and results converted.

If you wish to use the new version of the 2018 template to recalculate its 2018 KS4 exam result headline figures, after import please clone the template and change the result set to the TP June 2018 Exam result set, make a marksheet for the year 11 cohort, open it, change the Group Membership Date date back to May 1st and refresh, then recalculate. Any reports run subsequently will reflect the new estimates.



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