Antivirus – Support for the antivirus scheme

This FAQ details the support available for Antivirus software provided under the Scomis antivirus scheme.

  • Your purchase through the Scomis AntiVirus Scheme covers software licencing only
  • ScoMIS support the current version of VirusScan Enterprise as per your SLA with us, for example:
    • We only support AntiVirus on your curriculum network if you have whole school support with us
    • We only support Antivirus on your RM network if you have an RM enhanced SLA with us
    • We only support Antivirus on your Viglen network if you have a Viglen enhanced SLA with us
  • ScoMIS do not support Sophos, RM, Symantec or other antivirus vendors’ software
  • ScoMIS make the software available for home desktops and laptops but do not support these machines
  • ScoMIS cannot make our McAfee grant number available because support requests to McAfee are chargeable to us
  • If you are looking for assistance with ePolicy Orchestrator or other McAfee products unsupported by Scomis we recommend the McAfee Forums – or the McAfee Knowledge Base –

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Reviewed 16/02/2015

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