Configuring Assessment Widget on the Homepage

To configure the assessment wizard on your homepage you can do the following:

  •  Go to configure in the top right hand corner of the homepage

  • Amend the number of panels to make sure you have an extra one than is already showing and press the green tick.

  • Drag the assessment widget onto your new panel and press OK.

  • The panel will then show as blank on your homepage. Use the arrow to show the drop-down menu and press configure.

  • You can then configure the panel to show the information you want.

  • For example, you can change the group analysis to look at different groups within school.

  • This shows year 11 as the selected group. After pressing apply, the following screen will show.

  • You can then select what area you want to look at. The screenshot below shows an example of when KS4 Eng Sch Benchmark is selected.

  • You can customise this by adding in extra year groups or different filters.

  • Once you have configured the widget to sit on your homepage, it will update in real time. When grades change in SIMS, they will pull through to your assessment widget.
  • You can also add more assessment widgets to the homepage so that you can keep a track on a range of areas on your homepage by following this FAQ again starting with adding in an extra panel.


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