Editing the Planned End Date and Status

The planned end date column (P End Date) is filled with the dates from the End Date column.

If a planned end date is recorded, a Status must also be recorded. If the student has left the course because they have left the school, the status should be set to Withdrawn, by selecting from the drop-down list. If the student has stopped studying a subject to begin studying another, this should be recorded as Transferred.

If the student stops studying a subject for any other reason, (e.g. to spend more time on other subjects), the status should be recorded as Withdrawn.

If the student is re-sitting a course, select Re-sit from the drop-down list. If the Status field needs to be completed for Statutory Return purposes, the cell is highlighted in yellow

NOTES: An accurate record of a student’s Status must be updated manually. Please exercise caution when entering a planned end date, (P End Date). The course end date refers to the date on which the course is scheduled to actually end, and the planned end date refers to any exceptions to this end date for one or more students on the course. Where a Status of Withdrawn or Transferred is required for Statutory Return purposes, the Status is deemed to be ‘missing’. The column is displayed in yellow for students in Year 12 and 13 if the course Actual End Date is earlier than the Planned End Date. The background of the course title is displayed in yellow if the course has one or more course members with a status deemed to be ‘missing’.

Reviewed 29/10/2015

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