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How Do I Spoil A cheque?

If you have a cheque that has e.g. been damaged by the printer you will need to spoil the cheque within FMS, in order to re-run the cheque processing for the suppliers associated with the cheque numbers of the spoilt cheques.

1) You can only spoil a cheque if you have not confirmed printing.  When you click print, please select “No” to confirm printing was not satisfactory as shown below.


2) When you have clicked “No” you will then be presented with the window below.  Please select the cheques you wish to spoil and enter a description below e.g printer chewed cheque and click save.

If you have other cheques in the run they will have the status of printing confirmed and will show on the the invoice as normal.  You will need to do a new cheque run for the cheques you have spoiled and will be asked to enter the cheque number you wish to start with, this will then ensure your FMS cheques match your physical cheque book.

Please note: If you have accidentally confirmed in FMS but not actually printed the cheques then they can be hand written.

Please refer to KB22130, If you wish to cancel the cheque and payment completely, as this is different to spoiling a cheque.   Example of cancelling a cheque : Goods not received and therefore order was cancelled and payment is not  required.




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