Compile Error in Sims Quick Letter – Office 2010 (64-bit Edition)

The issue is caused by the language used as part of the Macros for the Quick Letter uploading process.

For Hosted schools, the  “Quickletter Edit” shortcut has been updated so that the QuickLetterTemplate-Office2010 can now be found in F:\PUBLIC\SIMS\QuickLetter.

To resolve this issue;

Run the Quickletter Edit shortcut (This will copy in the Office2010 template if it is missing)

The existing template will be opened in Microsoft Word  (Shift this over to the right hand side of the screen Windows Key + Right Arrow)

In SIMS, Launch File Manager

Browse to F:\PUBLIC\SIMS\QuickLetter

Double click the QuickLetterTemplate-Office2010 file to open it.

Once opened, use the Windows Key + Left Arrow to shift Word to the left of the screen.

You should now have both Quick Letter templates open and on the screen at the same time.

Copy and paste from the Right side to the Left side, altering the formatting until both look similar.

Close the template on the Right side of the screen

Save and close the template on the Left side of the screen.

In File Manager, rename the original QuickLetterTemplate.doc to QuickLetterTemplate-32bit.doc

rename QuickLetterTemplate-Office2010.doc to QuickLetterTemplate.doc

Logout and log back in again for the template to refresh the copy that is stored in the “My SIMS Documents” folder.

For more information about Quick Letter template on Scomis Hosted – See


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