Course Manager – What is the purpose of the two Auto Update boxes

Auto Update Class Links
This tick box is to allow Nova-T6 to remove and/or add classes to the course.  This is done when the curriculum and timetable is sent from Nova-T6 to SQL.
If the box is ticked, then when a class is exported from Nova-T6 with the same subject and level as the course, then the class will be added to the Classes panel in Course Manager.  The only circumstances where this does not happen are:
  • If the Auto Update Class Links box is unticked
  • If the class has already been sent from Nova-T6 for the current academic year with a different level, then Nova-T6 will not ‘move’ the class to a different course unless the export of curriculum and timetable is being done again for the whole working academic year.  Instead, Nova-T6 issues a message when the data is being exported, saying that the class ‘membership’ of the course must be edited by the user manually in Course Manager.
  • If there are new classes being exported from Nova-T6, but the correct course to which these classes should belong has the Auto Update Class Links box unticked, or if no such course exists, then a new course with this subject and level will be created which will be a duplicate of the original course.  If new, duplicate courses are not required, then the user should ensure that the box on the original course is ticked before the export from Nova-T6 is done.
Auto Update Membership
This tick box means that when the route Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Update Course Memberships is run, all the students who are members of the classes listed in the classes panel under the course in Course Manager automatically become members of the course with the same start and end dates as the class memberships.  If students have been removed from classes and the update is run, then the student course memberships will be terminated on the date that they left the class.
If there are odd students whose membership of a course is not the same as their class membership, then they should be protected from the update using the Protect tick box in the Members panel.
If all the members of a course are in the course but not in an equivalent class, then the auto update membership box should be unticked so that the members are not removed when Update Course Memberships is run.
Reviewed 20/7/20

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