SIMS Allowances – New Functionality in 7.159

Schools have raised an issue where allowances, once used within Personnel, cannot be deleted and therefore many schools have a long list of redundant allowances to scroll down through before they get to the current, valid ones.  This takes time and can also result in a contract being allocated an out-of-date allowance in error.

We logged a Change Request with Capita to ask for a way of hiding these allowances so that the list only showed valid, selectable allowances.

We are delighted to say that this has functionality been included in the SIMS Summer Release 2 (version 7.159).  You can now ‘hide’ any old allowances, meaning that they cannot be selected for current and future contracts, but the history is maintained within the database for future reference.

To access this new functionality,

  • Select Tools – Staff – Pay Related and Search for your service term i.e. Teachers.
  • Open up the relevant Service Term and navigate to Panel 4: Allowances.
  • Select the name of the allowance you wish to hide and click on Open on the right-hand side.
  • In the middle of the ‘Edit Allowance’ screen, there is a new tick box entitled ‘Hidden’.  Tick this box to hide the allowance.
  • Select OK to close the “Edit Allowance” screen
  • Save the record at the top-left to save your changes

When you next put on a contract within SIMS Personnel, this allowance will not be visible or selectable, meaning that your current allowance list should be shorter and easier to use.

If you wish to reverse this action, so that you can see and select the allowance again from Personnel, repeat the steps above and remove the tick from the ‘Hidden’ box.

Reviewed 28/02/2018


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