Results files / Basedata not appearing in EDI EXAMIN directory

When attempting electronic import of information through Examinations Organiser the required files may not appear for selection. This probably means that the EDI software through which the files were downloaded has not placed them in the \EXAMIN directory defined in the Exams Module.

Defining the EDI Directories
Use route : Tools | School Setup | School Details

Before importing data into or exporting data from Examinations Organiser, it is necessary to identify the location of the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) directories. Select the required location by clicking the Navigator button

This is the directory into which all incoming files are placed. The receipt of these files is within the control of the communications software and not from within the module. This would normally be F:\PUBLIC\SIMS\EXAMIN depending on where your SIMS drive is.

This is the directory used to hold files ready for transmission via the EDI system. e.g F:\PUBLIC\SIMS\EXAMOUT

This directory is used to place files produced by the module.

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