How to Import Exam Results in Examinations Organiser

To import a result file, please follow this route;

1. Select Tools | Import Results & Enrolments from the Menu Bar to open the Import Results & Enrolments dialog.

2. Select the Results radio button to import results.

3. Click the Navigator button adjacent to the Filename field to open the Import Result Files dialog.

4. Select the result file you wish to import and click the OK button to confirm your selection and return to the Import Results dialog.

5. Select the appropriate Log Import Errors check boxes to determine the types of error to be written to file should they occur. The options available will vary depending on the type of import you wish to perform.

When importing results, the following errors can be written to a log file:

1. Results for Elements absent from imported basedata
This signifies a result contained in the result file that cannot be matched with an Element in your basedata. This can be resolved by refreshing your basedata with the missing Elements.

2. Results not matched by an entry
This signifies that there is a result in the result file for which there is no corresponding entry. If this error occurs, no action is necessary as the results may stand by themselves.

3. Results indicated as being returned against a different Element entry
This signifies a result in the result file which is associated with an Element, but it is not the Element for which an entry was made. The system will check that the Element for which the grade is issued has been imported and record the result against it.

4. Results with a Partial Absence flag
This signifies that a student has not completed all of the necessary components of the examination. If this error occurs, no action is necessary as this report is for information only.

5. Results which differ from a previous import
This signifies a re-import of a result file. If this error occurs, no action is necessary as this report is for information only and the system will overwrite the existing result.

6. Result not in range defined for the Aspect
This usually signifies that a grade contained in the result file is invalid. If this error occurs, we would advise to contact the appropriate Board, however, there may be some corruption within the basedata that should be checked first.
i) Check the element properties in the Basedata (Focus | Basedata – expand the award to view element. Right Click on Properties to view the gradeset)

7. Result not matched by an Enrolment
This message relates to an EdExcel/Edifact enrolment problem, whereby a result has been received for which there is no corresponding enrolment. The message is now defunct and can be ignored.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The import of Result Files may take some time. Towards the end of the process, there is minimal screen activity and it may appear that the machine has crashed. However, please be patient during the import and allow the process to complete. The pause occurs as the imported results are saved to disk.

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