Scomis Hosted Post-Migration Form Guidance

This article is the accompanying guidance for the Scomis Hosted Post Migration Form.
Customers will need to check off this list to confirm that the migration has been completed so that all parties are in agreement for sign-off.
This check list will be done by the contact for the school during the migration on the day of the hand-over.
It will be available to the school before the migration so the customer will have time to prepare for the checks.
Should any subsequent issues arise following a migration, the customer must log them with the support unit as soon as possible and they will be dealt with accordingly.

Questions on Form, click on the headers for more information:

  1. Successfully Sign-in to Scomis hosted
    • Have you successfully logged in from a school classroom?
    • Have you successfully logged in from school office?
    • Have you successfully logged in from other work space? (i.e. external buildings)
    • Have you successfully logged in from home? (if required)
  2. Run Reports in SIMS
    • Have you been able to run Capita Generated Report? e.g. Staff Car List
    • Have you been able to run School Created reports?
  3. Printing
    • Can you print a report from Scomis Hosted (on various Printers if possible)
  4. Access Local Files
    • Can you access local School drives via File Manager in Scomis Hosted?
  5. Access SIMS Modules and Files
    • Can you open Exams Module? (Middle\Secondary)
    • Can you open Exams A2C Application? (Middle\Secondary)
    • Can you access Nova T? (Timetabling – Middle\Secondary)
    • Can you open Linked Documents on Student Record?
  6. Confirm Connected 3rd Party Applications
    • Are your 3rd Party Applications in Scomis Hosted SIMS updating? (if any)
    • Are your 3rd Party Applications updating via External Connector? (if any)
    • Can you Access 3rd Party Applications? (Schoolcomms etc)(? (if required)
    • Can you Access InTouch? (if required)
  7. Staff Awareness
    • Has Scomis Hosted Application Connector been Installed for Staff?
    • Have all Staff been shown a Scomis Hosted Application Service Demo?
    • Have the Instructional Videos and Guidance Document Distributed?
    • Have you shared which staff have User Manager Access for Hosted Tools in your school?
    • Have you shown staff how to correctly log out of Scomis Hosted?

Successfully Sign-in to Scomis Hosted

Customer will attempt to log into the Scomis Hosted Service via the Scomis Hosted Connector Applications from different locations to ensure no connectivity issues occur for staff on first use with a new account.

From School Classrooms
It is not necessary to log in from all classrooms, but if possible attempt to log in via different Wireless Access Points.

From School Office
Log in from main school office or more if they are far apart from each other. Via wireless or Ethernet.

From other Work Space
If there are any areas which are external from the main site or if staff attempt to login from outside this should be tested if it was not done so in pre-migration test.

From Home
Ask member of staff to login from home if possible. This can be done in the pre-migration stage


Run Reports in SIMS

To ensure the system is working, check that the SIMS reports generate successfully.

Capita Report
From with Scomis Hosted SIMS run a Capita created report such as Staff Car List.

School Created Report
From with Scomis Hosted SIMS run a school created report.


When moving to Scomis Hosted the school should test printing as part of the Pre-Migration. And as a test the customer should print a report after the migration has completed.


Access Local Files

When logged into the Scomis Hosted Application Service, Open File Manager from SIMS Shortcuts – Apps and Tools.

Ensure you can access the local drives of the workstation you are connecting from.

Access SIMS Modules and Files

When moving to the Scomis Hosted Application confirm staff can access the areas they require.

Open Exams Module

Open A2C Application
Open A2C from the SIMS Shortcuts – Exams (requires access, only for Exams Officers)

Open Nova T

Open Linked Documents Student Records
From a student record, open a linked document to confirm it is accessible.

Confirm Connected 3rd Party Applications

After the migration process any applications linked to SIMS will need to be confirmed to be working.
As part of the migration we setup external links to SIMS and host some 3rd party applications.

Scomis Hosted 3rd Party Applications (if any)
Connect to 3rd Party Applications and confirm they are working (e.g. CPOMS, Showmyhomework etc)

External Connector (if any)
Confirm that locally setup 3rd Party Applications have been updated (e.g. Inventry etc)

Access to Applications (SchoolComms, etc, if required)
From within Scomis Hosted SIMS, click on Focus – SchoolComms and login

InTouch (if required)
From within Scomis hosted SIMS , click on Focus – in Touch – Send Message

Staff Awareness

To ensure that new customers are prepared for the change to Scomis Hosted SIMS and limit the snagging, we highly recommend that all staff are informed prior to the migration date.

Scomis Hosted Application Connector Installed for Staff
Install Scomis Hosted Application on required devices.

Staff Shown Scomis Hosted Application Service Demo
INSET or Self-training Demo given to all staff on moving to Scomis Hosted Application Service

Instructional Videos and Guide Document Distributed
All Staff given access to the Scomis Instructional Video Playlist

User Management Access Staff
This will be your first point of contact for Password Resets, Adding/removing shortcuts, Requesting New Users

Correct Method to Log off
Click in SIMS -Focus – Exit, not the blue bar at top of the screen.

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