New Functions in SIMS Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021 SIMS Update

New functionality in the SIMS Autumn release, includes adding lookups for Covid medical events; adding UPN, achievement\behaviour points or Pupil Premium to marksheets; adding additional information such as assessable grades to examinations; update to reporting and some housekeeping help for bulk deleting old admission applications.

ESS Product videos can be found on the links below.


Following the news that more school aged children will be offered a COVID vaccine, the product demonstration video below shows you how in SIMS you can add a new lookup entry for Medical Events to record these details if desired.   Click here for video – Adding Covid-19 Vaccination as Medical Event


Users can now add UPN as an additional student column to a Marksheet.                                                       Click here for video – Adding UPN to a Marksheet

When bulk exporting or printing Marksheets, Pupil Premium is now available to select as an additional student column.  Click here for video – Adding Pupil Premium column to Marksheet

Add total Achievement and Behaviour points to an Assessment Marksheet. Click here for video – Adding Achievement and Behaviour points to Marksheet


The new Result File will be downloaded via the A2C Migration app alongside the EDI Result File R, and a new menu route in SIMS7 will allow the school to process additional information such as Assessable Grades and the Weighted Marks for awards, learning units or assessable components. Click here for video – Processing Exam Results  and XML Result File.pptx


For those schools who are using the Admissions and Registrations functionality in SIMS will have over number or year, a vast number of enquiries recorded in the database.  While deleting old records is possible, the Autumn 2021 release of SIMS introduces a new Housekeeping routine to bulk delete these from SIMS. Click here for video – Admissions Housekeeping

Previously the Staff Code was only available alongside more sensitive personnel data in the reporting dictionary and therefore only viewable by a users with Personnel Officer permissions.  The Autumn 2021 release of SIMS adds the Staff Code alongside the basic details of a member of staff.  This therefore means that this data is available for other users running the reports. click here for video – Staff Codes in Reports

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