My school is considering becoming a new academy and I was wondering what the implications would be regarding the ICT Support provision that you currently provide?

The Scomis team will be very happy to continue working with new Academies in all aspects of ICT support and consultancy.  For example; SIMS and FMS support, technical and network support, design and consultancy, etc.

Will it cost us more if we become an Academy?

The Scomis charges will remain broadly the same however Academies incur VAT.

What, if any, are the implications for our SIMS pupil records?

Schools will no longer receive a new DfE number, but will receive a new URN (Unique Reference Number).  Schools should update their School Details in their MIS with this number when it is received.  There will be no need to create a new Pupil database when transferring to an Academy as Schools can continue to use their existing database.

Will this cost us anything?

There will be costs to the new Academy for a new SIMS single site licence, etc.

One off charges are as follows:

  • Capita require new Academies to purchase a ‘single site’ licence, as Academies are no longer part of the LA they are not authorised to use the LA’s SIMS licence.
  • If you previously held a single site ‘Grant Maintained’ licence for your school you will be able to Novate that licence to your Academy.  Capita will charge an administration fee of £200 and evidence of such a licence being held will be required.  Also, it is important you check which modules were previously purchased as you may need to purchase additional modules.
  • You will be required to purchase your SIMS Annual Entitlement direct from Capita.  You will not be invoice by Devon for your SIMS Annual Entitlement.

Will I need to change my financial system when I become an Academy?

Scomis and Finance Services for Schools are able to support schools that move to Academy status.  There are a number of important financial actions that Academies need to perform for which Scomis can provide support.  Schools that currently use FMS will require a new FMS database for the academy and you are advised to contact Scomis using the information below.

What, if any, are the implications for our SIMS Personnel records?

The following information will enable schools to submit a data correct School Workforce Census Return.

  • Workforce contract information should only include contracts for the academy and contracts the school that has been replaced should be excluded from the Return.  The school contracts should be excluded from the Return by giving them an additional Role of “Do not include in Statutory Returns”.
  • Workforce absence information should only include absence from the academy and absence from the school that has been replaced should be excluded from the Return.  The academy can exclude the old school’s absences from SWC by making use of an SWC Settings file that indicates that absence information is not to be included.  Please contact the Scomis Service Desk for further guidance on this.
  • Academies must upload and correct their SWC Return directly on Collect. The Data Collection Team at County Hall can not be involved in the Academy’s return.

Can I still purchase other Scomis services?

Yes Scomis would be very happy to discuss any continuing or new services that your academy may require.

Will Scomis be able to continue to host my data and provide Terminal Services?

Yes the Scomis hosting service is available to all academies and we will also be able to host your old financial FMS database in order that you can have access when required.

I still have some questions related to SIMS support, technical / network support. Etc.  Where can I get further information and guidance?

We are very happy to come to your school and meet with relevant staff to discuss these areas and help you prepare an implementation plan.


Email: Tel. No.: 01392 385300 Web: Fax: 01392 385302


Last Reviewed: 17/02/2015

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