TroubleShooting SIMS .net Access

If you are having problems accessing SIMS, try looking at the following points.

  • Ensure the firewall is disabled and the MSSQLSIMS service is running
  • Make sure the correct TCP/IP settings are set in SQL 2005
    • Go to Start – Programs – SQL Server – SQL Server Configuration Manager
    • Open SQL Server 2008 Network Configuration – Protocols for SIMS2008
    • Double Click TCP/IP then click the IP Addresses tab
    • Check that the enabled addresses are valid for the server & change if required
    • Restart the SQL service.
  • Run dbupgrade from the SQL server Binn folder and point to the Setups folder
  • Rename C:\Program Files\Sims\Sims. net to Old and re-run SIMSApplicationSetup.exe, if that fails copy C:\OldPC\Program Files\SIMS\Sims .net to C:\Program Files\SIMS\Sims .net
  • Check the connect.ini files in C:\Program Files\SIMS\Sims .net and G:\Sims
  • If you get a grey screen with lots of error messages on when you attempt to attach the SIMS database, go back into DBAttach and detach the database. Then run SIMSSQLApplicationSetup.exe and SIMSApplicationSetup.exe from G:\SIMS\Setups and try attaching the database again
  • If you get an error screen reporting problems with the Backup user, make sure you have recreated the Backup user account on the new machine.
  • If you try to login to and an error comes up reporting “Unable to set application role”, this is because is trying to log in using the user’s Windows account credentials rather than their username and password. Check the G:\SIMS\Connect.ini and remove the “ConnectionTYpe=TrustedAuto” line – but note that some schools are configured to use Windows authentication, so check with the administrator how they lo in to first – otherwise users may not be able to login anymore.


Reviewed on 17/02/2015

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