Importing Scomis_apps database

The Scomis_apps database is the new name for P7_Contracts database. This means that the database no-longer contains disposable data and must be migrated to new servers as part of a server move.

  • Launch ScoApMigr.exe (after a short wait, the main dialog will be displayed)
  • Choose the Option to Import database from old SQL Server instance, then click Next
  • From the drop down selector, select the correct SQL Server Instance.
  • From the drop down selector, select the SIMS database
  • Click Connect (tick box shows connected)
  • In the Scomis applications-Load database from file entry box, browse to the location of the BAK file that you exported from the old machine
  • Click Next

A progress screen will be displayed, at the end of the import a successful message is displayed.


Reviewed on 17/02/2015

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