Setup Backup Control – Windows 7

The Scomis backup control program helps to manage the scheduled backup of SQL attached databases.

Ensure that a Windows user account called Backup exists on the workstation and is a member of the Back Operators and Administrators security group.

Installing Backup Control

  • Download and install the Scomis Backup Control program from “”
  • Enter the schools Full DCSF number and school name when prompted.
  • Start Backup Control
  • Add a new Backup, choosing the SIMS .net option
  • Select the SIMS SQL Instance and Database, then click Next
  • Enter a Description for the backup, then click Save.
  • Repeat adding new backup tasks for FMS, FCRFMS and scomis_apps databases
  • Setting the Scheduled Task
  • Click Start,
  • Type “Scheduled Tasks” and press Enter
  • Create a new Basic Task
  • Give the task a name of “Scomis Backup Control”, then click Next
  • Set a Daily Trigger, then click Next
  • Set the time for the Daily backup trigger, then click next,
  • For the Action, choose “Start a Program”, then click Next,
  • Configure the task to start to “C:\Program Files\Scomis\Backup Control\ExecuteBackups.bat”, then click Next,
  • Put a tick in the “Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish”, then click Finish.
  • Under the Security Options Change the User/Group to the Windows Backup User, entering the appropriate password as needed.


Reviewed on 17/02/2015

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