How do I setup mailbox auto-forward rules in RM Easymail

Emails sent from Scomis normally go to the schools designated administration email address, ie admin@schoolname.devon.sch.uk

Sometimes we receive enquiries asking for certain emails which are not relevant to the school administrator, be sent direct to the relevant member of staff (ie IT coordinator / IT manager). For example, an auto email notifying the school that their curriculum server failed to complete its remote backup (Attix) the night before might only be relevant to the designated school IT coordinator and the administrator may not need to see this or have the added responsibility of forwarding on such emails.

For Scomis to maintain an additional list of up to date email addresses, or to send email to additional staff email addresses as well as the admin address, this would be time consuming and difficult to manage. In addition, if a particular member of staff left and an important email was being sent to that member only, it wouldn’t be picked up by anyone else at the school and could present further problems.

A workaround for schools using RM Easymail would be to set up auto forward rules from the school admin mailbox account. For example, setting a rule so that any email in which the subject contains the word “Attix”, to auto forward to itcoordinator@schoolname.devon.sch.uk and not appear in the admin mailbox.

The step by step guide below will show you how to create this type of mailbox rule.

nb – These rules need not apply solely when wanting to auto forward email from the admin mailbox to the IT Coordinator mailbox. They can be tailored according to your requirements and there are many various rule options you can create.

1. Login to the RM Easymail account you want to create auto forwarding rules in. ie admin account.

2. Select “Options” from the buttons in the top left corner of your screen.

3. Select “Mail” in the left hand column.

4. Scroll down to the “Mail” section.

5. Left mouse click on “Add” and in the new pop up window give this rule a name – ie “Attix auto-forward” and a description ie “forwards emails containing the word Attix to IT coordinator”.

6. Select criteria – so for the above example, select “Subject” and in the keywords field, type in  “Attix”.

7. In the options drop down box, select “Subject contains Attix”

8. In the “Action” section, select “Forward to:” from the drop down menu and add the email address of the person you want to auto-forward this email to – ie itcoordinator@schoolname.devon.sch.uk and ensure that both the tick-box fields regarding filters below the “Forward to:” field are un-ticked.

9. Click “OK”

You have now created your rule. You can try testing this rule to see if it works by sending an email from another email account to the admin@schoolname.devon.sch.uk address including the word “Attix” in the subject line. Then ask your IT Co-ordinator to check to see if he has received the bounced message.

The auto-forward rule can be used for all sorts of means and as you will see when looking at the options in the “Mailbox rules”, you can tailor your rules to suit your needs. If creating several various rules, it is recommended you check these from time to time to make sure they are up to date, and always test your mailbox rules before assuming they just work.



Last reviewed: 22/12/2014

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