Cloning / Modifying a Group Template

Cloning a Group

Group templates provided by Capita SIMS cannot be edited.  However, cloning a group is an efficient method of making a small number of changes to a Capita SIMS permissions group that otherwise has the required permissions.

1)       Select Focus>System Manage> Manage Groups to display the Find Group browser and highlight the group you wish to clone.

2.)      Click the Clone button in the browser toolbar and confirma that you wish to clone the selected group by clicking the Yes button

3)       In the Basic Details panel, enter a unique Code for the group.

4)       Enter a unique Description for the group.

6)       If required, enter any notes.

7)      Add and remove members of the cloned group as necessary.

8.)      Adjust the group permissions as necessary.

9.)      Click the Save button to save the new group.


Reviewed 30/03/2015

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