GroupCall Emerge on Terminal Server

emergehomescreenGroupcall Emerge is an innovative app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Andriod devices that enables schools to have an up to the minute copy of SIMS data on a hand held device.

Typically the Emerge software is installed on the same server as the SIMS .net database and provides a web service directly to the iOS devices, however in a hosted environment it is not possible to provide access from the iOS devices back to the data centre.

The method that must be used for schools on the Terminal Server is to use the Microsoft Service Bus, this works like a Proxy/VPN and allows the iOS device to retrieve data from the Scomis data centre.  An advantage of this method is that this allows the SIMS data to be processed via a 3G/4G connection.

If you would like further information about the GroupCall product and how you can use it with our Hosted Solution, please contact Scomis in the first instance and we can arrange a trial.

As part of your trial you will be asked to complete a device identity spread sheet – download link below.

Emerge – Device Spreadsheet


More information about Groupcall Emerge can be found at the Groupcall Website –


Reviewed on 08/04/2016


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