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Hosted Application Service – Extended Third Party Applications

 All applications required to run SIMS and FMS are installed on our hosted platform. In addition to this, some third party applications which link with SIMS are installed on our platform, whereas others need to be installed on a school workstation or server using a SIMS External Connector.  The tables below summarise the current applications which can integrate with SIMS.

Integrated with Hosted SIMS: The application or service is accessible with the Hosted Applications environment and is managed and upgraded by Scomis or our third party suppliers.

Integration Type:

 Hosted Application: The application is accessible via a managed shortcut when accessing Hosted SIMS.  The Scomis technical team will typically carry out upgrades and maintenance to this software.

 External Connector: The application operates at site on a school computer/server and will be managed by the school or their supplier.  The “integration” software is not available to all school users, but school users will be able to access the suppliers Cloud Based platform.

Hosted Groupcall Xporter: The application uses Groupcall Xporter which is a multi-school data extraction application to push SIMS data into the cloud.  The Groupcall Xporter software is installed on Scomis servers and is managed in partnership with Groupcall. The status and synchronisations of these jobs are not monitored by Scomis and must be monitored by the school.

 Groupcall Xporter On Demand: The application uses Groupcall Xporter On Demand. Groupcall On Demand only needs to be setup once for a school. If this has been setup for a school then the school need only use the authorisation link sent by the 3rd party software company to link it to their data. The status and synchronisations of these jobs are not monitored by Scomis and must be monitored by the school. Check with Groupcall to see if the school has been setup with XOD already.

 Hosted Wonde Exporter: The application uses Wonde which is a multi school data extraction application to push SIMS data into the cloud. The Wonde software is installed on Scomis servers and managed in house with support from Wonde. The status and synchronisations of these jobs are not monitored by Scomis and must be monitored by the school. A Wonde User will need to be created: click for instructions.

Hosted Exporter: The application uses a managed multi-school data extraction application to push SIMS data to the cloud.  The software is installed on Scomis servers and is managed by Scomis.

Application Name Managed by Scomis Integration Type Notes
 4Matrix Managed By Scomis monitor_lightning Currently in Pilot
Data Analysis application – www.4matrix.com
 A2C tick monitor_lightning A2C Migration Application for Exams EDI
 Aim High connect
 Alfiesoft connect
 Alice cross connect Library Software
 Alps cross connect
 Behaviour Watch cross connect
 BioStore tick connect
 Boardworks tick groupcallexporter_red  (doddle) Needs “Sent” URL required
 Bromcom cross connect
 Call Parents (in the Cloud) tick application_link Schools will typically upgrade from the old style application to a web based application https://faq.scomis.org/kb12076/
 Classroom Monitor tick Now use Wonde, not Groupcall
 ClassCharts tick groupcallexporter_red
 Discovery Education tick groupcallexporter_red
 EarWig tick groupcallexporter_red
 E-Copy cross connect Scan Documents into SIMS
 Edukey tick groupcallexporter_red Edukey Username and password required.
 Emerge tick groupcallexporter_red
 ePraise tick groupcallexporter_red
 eSchools tick  Using the Wonde data extractor
Fisher Family Trust tick groupcallexporter_red
 FronterVLE tick application_link
 GCSEPod tick groupcallexporter_red
 GroupCall Messenger (Alert) tick groupcallexporter_red
 HCSS FPS.net tick monitor_lightning FPS Web Companion
 HCSS FPSacademy.net tick monitor_lightning FPS Web Companion
 TASC INSIGHT cross connect External Connector to a local setup of TASC INSIGHT http://www.tascsoftware.co.uk/ 
 Kaleidos tick groupcallexporter_red
 Keep Kids Safe cross connect Now called PS Connect
 LookedAfterCall tick application_link
 Meritec (CPOMS) tick groupcallexporter_red
 Mint Class tick groupcallexporter_red
 MLS Eclipse tick groupcallexporter_red
 MLS Connect cross connect MLS Connect – used to connect to Micro Librarian but is not a groupcall exporter job
 Moodle cross connect
Myconcern (Groupcall) tick groupcallexporter_red  MyConcern with basic options
MyConcern (Intergration Tool) cross connect  MyConcern with additional options
NetMedia – Parents Evening Booking System tick groupcallexporter_red Relates to this site https://parents-booking.co.uk/
 Nationide Cashless Catering Systems cross connect
 Oliver cross connect  Library Software
SchoolCloud Parents Evening cross monitor_lightning
Parents Evening Booking System (Teachers2Parents) cross connect Although Teachers2Parents can be hosted at Scomis, their Parents Evening Booking System needs a separate installer and will work via an external connector at the school.
 ParentMail cross connect
 ParentPay tick monitor_lightning
Provision Maps tick groupcallexporter_red
PS Connect tick
 Pupil Asset tick
RMUnify tick groupcallexporter_red
 Reggie tick application_link
Salamander Soft cross connect
 SBS Online tick monitor_lightning  https://faq.scomis.org/kb19292/
SchoolCloud Room Booking cross connect Although we can host the Parents Evening Software from this company, the Room Booking System has to have an externalconnect  connector
School Booking System Zinet cross connect Zinet data extraction
 SchoolComms tick monitor_lightning
 Sharp tick groupcallexporter_red
 ShowMyHomework tick groupcallexporter_red
 Sleuth tick groupcallexporter_red
sQuid Digital Payments tick groupcallexporter_red https://www.squidcard.com
 Teachers2Parents tick See https://faq.scomis.org/kb21504/  

For the T2P Parents Evening Booking System, see “Parents Evening Booking System”

 Trax OMR cross connect
 Truancy Call tick application_link Schools will typically upgrade from the old style application to a web based application.
Tucasi cross connect
Trugs tick groupcallexporter_red
 Vivo tick groupcallexporter_red
WisePay tick groupcallexporter_red
 Xpressions Enhanced tick groupcallexporter_red
LGFL FSM cross connect

All applications should work correctly if installed with an External Connector, the External Connector is suitable for a single machine at the school which is not normally used. Data extraction tasks are usually scheduled by the third party application software and don’t usually require interaction.This list of applications is not exhaustive and many application that my work with products such as GroupCall Xporter many not be listed.  Scomis would be happy to investigate application integration and assess criteria based on How Popular, How Many Users, method used to integrate with SIMS, local device integration, application design.

All applications are subject to third party licensing – you are responsible for ensuring you are licensed to use a product or service.  You should inform Scomis if you no longer subscribe to a third party solutions so that we may disable SIMS integration links (if hosted at the data centre).

Upgrades to these applications will have to be carried out during core hours which may involve the Service being unavailable to the school during the upgrade.
For applications that need to be installed at the school, please see our information about External Connector http://faq.scomis.org/kb4705/ for more details.

If the application you wish to use is not on the list Scomis will need to investigate the feasibility of enabling this application and adding to this list. The School may be charged for integration of the application to work with the service.

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