Free staff not showing as available for Cover or Cover Rota.

If the Timetable has contains blanking codes for the staff members not showing they will not be available for cover, the blanking codes will need to be removed from the Timetable in Nova and the Timetable sent across to SIMS.


1) Check that staff have the correct working pattern in SIMS .net | Focus | Person | Manage Classroom Staff.  You may need to delete any existing working pattern and then re-enter it.


2) Check that staff have an entry in the Cover Option in SIMS .net | Focus | Person | Manage Classroom Staff.  Check that the Timetable link here shows their correct timetable.


3) Check that rules have not been set up in SIMS .net | Tools | Cover | Global Settings which mean that there is no one available who fits the criteria defined – eg. Ticking one of the Prioritization rules.  Check also in this route that the Reference Start Date for Cover Totals is set to the beginning of the current academic year (or current term if this is the way that the school prefer to work) – it should not be set to the previous academic year.  Check the Max. Amount of Cover per day/week – the teacher may have reached their maximum.  Is Consecutive Day Cover Protection ticked and was the person absent on the day before?


4) Check that all absences have end dates within the Absences and Professional sections in SIMS .net | Focus | Person | Staff.


5) Check that the staff members have a Date of Birth in SIMS .net | Focus | Person | Staff.


6) Run SIMS .net | Tools | Cover | Detect Timetable Changes.


7) Re-Apply the Timetable through SIMS .net | Tools | Academic Management | Apply Timetable: From the Drop-Down list choose the correct day, click Apply, click Save.  Please note that cover and lesson marks may be lost for dates on which the timetable is applied. Please discuss with Timetabler before this is done.


8) Ensure that the staff member does not have an internal absence recorded – A workaround is to add the person temporarily to the class for the day of the absence through SIMS .net | Focus | School | Academic Structure | Edit Lesson Staff and Rooms.  Then they will appear in Cover – right click on their absence to remove or edit it.  Then remove them again from Edit Lesson Staff.  (Please be aware that if Edit Lesson Staff and Rooms is used to change the timetable, then a subsequent send from Nova will overwrite the change unless Maintenance datasets are used.) The Edit Lesson Staff and Rooms workaround is no longer necessary after the March 2009 release.


9) Please check SIMS .net | Tools | Cover | Manage Rotas to ensure that the staff member has not been added to the ‘Protected Rota’ (Off Call) for the desired period.


10) Check SIMS .net | Tools | Cover | Manage Staff Weightings and Offsets and see if the staff member has a Cover Limit in place.


Reviewed on 29/7/20

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