How do I Delete Unlinked Contacts?

NOTE: This process permanently removes unlinked contacts. You may wish to carry out a backup before proceeding.

1. Select Tools | Housekeeping | Delete Unlinked Contacts to display the Find Unlinked Contacts browser.

2. Click the Search button to list all available unlinked contacts. If you wish to delete a specific unlinked contact, enter any combination of Surname, Forename, Town or Post Code to find them.

3. The following methods can be used to select unlinked contacts ready for deletion:

  •  To select all the contacts in the browser, click the Select button down arrow and select All from the drop-down menu.
  •  To select an individual contact, highlight their name, then click the Select button. Alternatively,m  double-click the required contact.
  •  To select randomly listed contacts, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each required contact then click the Select button.
  • To select sequentially listed contacts, click on the first required name, hold down the Shift key then click the last required name. Click the Select button.

4. Once selected, the contacts will be displayed in the Contacts to be deleted panel. If any contactsare listed that you do not wish to delete, highlight the name, then click the Remove button to remove them from the list.

5. If you are sure the required contacts are listed, click the Delete button to delete them.

6. A warning dialog will appear prompting for confirmation. Click the Yes button to confirm.



Reviewed on 29/7/20

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