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How do I create a new course in Course Manager?

Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Course | New and is made up of seven panels, you will need to complete Panels.

1. Duration and Tolerance -This panel is a new addition to the SIMS summer 2012 release and
displays the course duration, continuity tolerance and completion tolerance. The default settings from the Course Manager settings screens will be present by default but settings can be changed for individual courses, if required.

2 – Basic -This panel holds basic name and code information related to the course and settings related to automated updates. It also holds information on the latest QAN web site (QWS) QAN along with a free text panel which enables the recording of any relevant information.

Select the corrected information the drop down box’s and Save

3 – Examination – Previously the link between a course and an exam was made in Examinations Organiser but now this is completed within Course Manager. The link is still visible via Examinations Organiser but is read-only. The examination panel ignores the date filter for the course.

Schools should link each course to an appropriate award in Examinations Organiser. Once the exam award is linked any appropriate certification elements are displayed in the certification elements panel. Only one
exam award can be active at any one time. The exam board AO QAN is displayed along with any certification elements.

To Select an Examination Award click New and browse to the Award and Save


4 – Classification – This panel enables users to link the appropriate QAN downloaded from the QWS, along with other classifications such as school census activity. The QWS QAN is necessary for all courses. To Select a Classification Codeset Select New.

5 – Supervisors – This panel enables course supervisors to be added by clicking New. Course supervisors can have wider access to assessment marksheets than class teachers. To add a Supervisor Select New and browse for the Staff member.

6 – Classes – To add a Class to the Course select New and browse to the class.

7 – Memberships, Results and Outcomes -This panel shows the student membership of the course by association of the class membership from the panel above or those which have been manually attached. The start date, end date and planned end dates are visible in addition to some new fields for result and outcome.



Reviewed on 29/7/20

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