Adding A Linked Class In Nova-T6

This option can be used when splitting one class to be taught by 2 teachers at the same time but in a different room.  In Assessment Manager each teacher will have a separate Marksheet.

1)     On the Model screen: Hold down the CTRL  key and drag the subject on top of the original class, this will result in the linked class appearing under the original class

2)      In the Classes screen: You will see 2 classes in the same cell.  Drag both teachers onto the cell clicking No when asked ‘Replace existing teacher?’.  You will now see both classes and teachers in the cell.  Now set the main teacher for each class by clicking on the class label and choosing the correct teacher.

3)      In the Sessions screen: Select the appropriate class and assign the correct teacher to the correct class.

4)      The next step is to assign a room or rooms to each class.  One method is to go to the Timetable>New >Teacher and select the teacher you require.  Their Timetable will be displayed and by right clicking in the correct period under the class name you can select  Add Room and choose the room from the list.   Repeat the process for each period and class.

5)     Once the amended time table has been sent across to Sims.net from T6, assign the students to the correct class by going into SIMS.net>Curriculum Assignment by Scheme select the class in the Browse and use the ‘Down Level’ button.



Reviewed on 27/7/20

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