How do I set up non timetabled classes?

For ‘extra classes’ in Nova-T6, all you need to do is:
On the Model screen:  add a block for them in the correct year.  Add the class(es) to the block, with 0 periods.
On the Classes screen: Assign the correct staff to the classes
Assign Levels to the classes in Tools | Assign Levels
There is no need to do anything further with these classes in Nova-T6.
These classes will be created in SIMS .net next time the curriculum and timetable is sent from Nova to SQL.
Assign students to the classes in Curriculum Assignment by Scheme or Curriculum Assignment by Student.
Check that the classes have been attached to the right course and run Update Course Memberships.
The classes behave in exactly the same way as other classes, they just don’t appear on the timetable.
Reviewed 29/10/2015

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