Unrecognised Teacher Codes when sending timetable.

Teachers Codes:
In SIMS .net, check Focus | Person | Staff.  Change the status to All and search for the teacher in question by inputting part of the surname and/or forename.  If the person does not exist here, then they will need to be added, using the New button.
Once the person has been entered or located, in Focus | Person | Staff, then open the record here and click on the Classroom Staff Details link on the right-hand side.  This should open an existing record in the Manage Classroom Staff route, or it should create a Manage Classroom Staff record if one does not already exist which is linked to the Personnel record.  Check the Role on this record – the orange bar membership of the Role should span the period of the export from Nova-T6, otherwise, the person will show as unrecognised.  The staff code should match the one in Nova-T.
In SIMS .net in Focus | School | Rooms, a room should exist which matches the timetabled room in Nova-T6.  The Short Name here should be the same as the Code in T6.
Reviewed 29/10/2015

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